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Dosing & Mixing Solutions

Add Time:2018/8/16 11:05:11

Automatic mixing ratio is used in injection molding and extrusion industry needs a variety of raw materials in proportion as the use of the precise mixture, mixing precision up to + / - 0.1%.This series of products all adopt the PLC controller, and USES advanced ingredients algorithm, to ensure that this series of products of high quality and comprehensive technical features, make the product performance is excellent, stable and safe and reliable operation.
Can be used in extrusion machine and injection molding machine model
Can detect masterbatch jams, overload, automatic stop protect and alarm

Optional agitator, meeting the needs of the customer double mixing
Single mothership optional every main ingredient, the convenient customer to add the main raw material
Weighing type pigment mixing machine, is a kind of used in injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding processing, will be one main ingredient and additive in 1 ~ 2 kinds of color masterbatch or automatic mixed in proportion of precision instruments.This series of products adopt PLC editing controller, can accurately measuring masterbatch and the adding proportion of additives;Use the touch screen as the user operation interface, more intuitive, and convenient.The mixer can machine and all kinds of signals online synchronous operation, so you don't need to store large amounts of dyeing material, guarantee the product performance consistency.Screw diameter is divided into 12, 14, 16, 20, 25 five, can provide 0.04 to 32 kg per hour for the customer to choose different output, otherwise the double colored hens, multi colored hens, for customers to choose from.

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