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Centralized Cooling System

Add Time:2018/8/16 11:04:00

The central cooling water system is suitable for cooling, constant temperature, and other areas of the industrial cooling, centralized control, double period of cooling, by the point and face, save energy, flexible use of space, is a modern industrial increase production efficiency and improve the quality of production indispensable equipment.
The system adopts centralized refrigeration, centralized control, chilled water concentration transportation way.Intelligent cooling, energy saving, flexible use of space.
The system can achieve precise control of temperature, flow rate and pressure, the maximum refrigerating effect, its products include air cooled and water cooled chillers, cooling towers, pump and water tank.Based on the standard equipment technology, on the basis of constant major to meet the different needs of customers personalized solutions.
New famous brand compressor and efficient combination of shell and tube condenser, evaporator, super cooling, quiet save, unique new design of stainless steel water tank open mode, cleaning, repair and maintenance convenient.With current over-load protector, high voltage and electronic time delay and other perfect safety protection devices, abnormal indicator system.Screen LCD cold water exports at the same time, the cold water inlet and equipment set temperature.

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